By Stacey Kaslon

Just because we are already in college doesn’t mean that the scholarships stop coming in when we start classes. The BSU Student Senate compiled a list of all of the BSU scholarships. To check out the hundreds of other scholarships BSU offers.

Deloitte and Touche Scholarship
1 or more $1000 Scholarships to Jr with minimum 3.0 gpa and an outstanding student.

George W. Neilson Admission Scholarship
The annual award shall be $1000 per recipient.

Myra Heieren Johnson Scholarship
Students receiving this scholarship must be a student in good standing at BSU. This scholarship is for academic purposes only; no athletic scholarship can be given from this fund.

Norm and Judy Nelson Scholarship
Incoming or returning students, minimum GPA of 3.0, preference to students not otherwise eligible for need based financial aid.

Richard and Marcilyn Leier Scholarship
One or more deserving students with a preference to first generation students who have demonstrated strong academics, volunteerism and demonstrated a strong work ethic with an outside job throughout the academic year and during the summer.

Russell and Gudrun Harding Scholarship
sophomores, juniors or seniors at Bemidji State University, and who are maintaining a GPA of 2.5 or better.

Special Situation Scholarship
1 or more (minimum $500) scholarship to student(s) who entered school at 25 or older.

Tuorila/Haiby Scholarship
Jr, Sr from MN. Verifiable financial need, minimum GPA 2.50, preference to veteran or the spouse, child or grandchild of a veteran.

Ed Nordheim Scholarship
Minimum $400 Scholarship to Jr, Sr, Biology Major.

Harold T. Peters Scholarship
1 or more (minimum $500) scholarship to So, Jr, Sr, w/ 3.0 gpa & major in Bio,Chem, Physics, Env. St, Nursing Math or CS.

Biology & Chemistry
Ruth Lane Memorial Scholarship
1 or more (minimum of $300) scholarship(s) to So, Jr or Sr, major in Science with 3.0 gpa and FA need.

Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Music
Sidney Melby Memorial Scholarship
1 or more (minimum $1000) scholarship(s) to Jr or Sr, major in the sciences and/or music.

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Studies
Harry Melby Science Scholarship
1 or more minimum $500 scholarship(s) to Jr, Sr, major in Bio, Geology, Chem, Physics, Environ St or Pre-Prof.

Henderson, Patton, Jones Memorial Scholarship
1 or more (minimum $500) scholarship(s) to a Jr, Sr, majoring in Bio, Geology, Chem, Physics, Environ St or Pre- Prof.

Federated Insurance Business Scholarship
$1500 to Jr or Sr with a minimum GPA 3.0 overall and interest or involvement in business, finance, or risk management and insurance.

Center for Extended Learning
Ed Gersich Distance Education Scholarship
$500 scholarship to Jr or Sr, in external studies who is 25 or older & has 3.0 gpa.

Computer Science
Ken Masse Memorial Scholarship
1 or more $250 minimum scholarship(s) to So or Jr, Computer Science major, 3.5 cumulative gpa, 3.75 gpa in major.

Paul Bunyan Communications Technology Scholarship
Annual award shall be $2,500 per student. Annual scholarships will be awarded to four BSU students: two J. or Sr. students in Technology and two Jr. or Sr. students in Computer Science/Mathematics.

Computer Science & Engineering
Marvin Windows and Doors Scholarship
One each (minimum of $500) for a major in Computer Science and a major in Engineering

American Indian Resource Center
Esther & Alfred C. Instebo Scholarship
Full time Education major, minimum GPA 2.5, preference to American Indian students.

Richard W. Tanner Memorial Scholarship
Enrolled member of an American Indian tribe. Preference will be given to members of Minnesota tribes

Stan K. Medina Memorial Scholarship
Undergraduate students with preference given to American Indian students. Further consideration will be given to students who are registered members of the Leech Lake Tribe.

Stuart Desjarlait Memorial Scholarship
The minimum amount of $1,000 is to be split into two (minimum $500) scholarships and shall be awarded each year to two Bemidji State University undergraduate American Indian Students.

Dr. Ann Moore Flowers Scholarship
Majoring in BFA in Creative and Professional Writing, minimum amount of $750.

Kathryn, Fred & Mabel Hamm Scholarship
Fr, So, Jr or Sr any major. Applicants should exhibit leadership, a demonstrated commitment to learn and a strong interest in securing a college education. Preference for students who demonstrate a high level of reading and writing competence.

Environmental Studies
Harold T. Peters Scholarship
1 or more (minimum $500) scholarship to So, Jr or Sr, w/ 3.0 gpa & major in Bio Chem, Physics, Env. St, Nurs, Math and CS.

Gerald M. Schnabel History Scholarship
$500 scholarship to History Major.

International Program Center
Robert and Jacqueline Decker Scholarship
1 or more (minimum $500) scholarship(s) for Jr or Sr with 3.0 gpa participating in Eurospring.

Mass Communications
James and Cameron McMahon Memorial Scholarship
Two scholarships (minimum of $500 each) shall be awarded annually to Junior or Seniors majoring in Mass Communications–one in journalism and one in broadcast. Potential recipients must have achieved an overall grade point average of at least 3.00.

Dorothy L. Moore String Scholarship
Minimum $1,000 (or as income allows) scholarship to music major & string player with 3.00 gpa who can assist Bemidji Orchestra.

Sam and Peggy Johnson Scholarship
Music Major, minimum award of $1,000.

Jeanette Moe-Pearce Memorial Scholarship
Major in Nursing, no less than $2,000. Minimum GPA 2.50 with unmet financial needs. Can be awarded to the same students in successive years.

Lois Westrom Nursing Scholarship
Shall be awarded to two individuals pursuing a B.S. in Nursing. Two scholarships of $1250 each will be awarded with one going to a junior and the other to a senior A minimum GPA of 3.5 or higher is required.

Professional Education
Margaret H. Johnson Scholarship
So, Jr or Sr students majoring in education with a minimum 2.5 gpa. Equal scholarships of at least $1,000 each, not to exceed 1/3 the rate of tuition.

Willie Stittsworth Scholarship
Minimum $500 scholarship to Jr or Sr, majoring in Elem Education with minimum 2.5 gpa.

Dr. James Rafferty Scholarship
Two or more, minimum of $2,500 each. To a Jr or Sr majoring in Psychology, min GPA 3.0 overall and within Psychology major.

Technological Studies
Kraus Anderson Scholarship
1 or more (minimum of $900) scholarship to Jr or Sr Industrial Technology major from Northern MN.

Otter Tail Power Scholarship
One award of $1,500 to a Jr or Sr majoring in Applied Engineering, minimum GPA of 3.0.

Visual Arts
Lillie Kleven Print Scholarship
Minimum $500 scholarship to a Jr or Sr Art major with min. two courses in print medium.