by Shane Neumann

Current Member of the ISO Alisha Ghaju and Brandon Moua happily grilling burgers and hotdogs for the picnic. Shane Neumann/The Northern Student

BEMIDJI— The International Student Organization (ISO) gave new international students the chance to explore new opportunities and friendships at their first-ever welcome back picnic.

The picnic took place Friday Sept 14th at 5-7 PM in Diamond Point Park. Sarvika Shetty, the President of the ISO, helped plan the event and was excited for what was in store. “First we just wanted to take advantage of the weather because it gets really cold very soon,” Shetty said. “This event is more like a social, we want everyone to get to know everyone.”

Dr. Brian Xiong, the leader for Center for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, is happy to offer a potential home for new international students. “That’s why I came on board, I’m trying to help the students and make sure that BSU becomes a second home for them,” said Xiong. “When I see them, they remind me of me when I was a student 18 years ago.”

The ISO has several events planned to keep members active and involved throughout the year. Sagyan Khadka, a current member of the ISO, is eager for what the ISO has planned. “We have a calendar with events planned according to the weather of Bemidji,” said Khadka. “Right now, we want to take advantage of this amazing weather with hikes and traveling to parks.”

BSU Students Dave-Preston I Esoe, Sagyan Khadka, and  Rupesh Thapa playing a pickup game of soccer after eating at the picnic. Shane Neumann/The Northern Student


Dr. Brian Xiong and the returning members of the ISO introducing themselves to the new students. Shane Neumann/The Northern Student